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APRIL 2014


International Symposium on
River Biodiversity: Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) River Basin

Jointly organized by
Patna University, Patna (India) and University of Chittagaon (Bangladesh)

Sponsored by IUCN

PATNA (Bihar, India): 4-6 April 2014

 The main objectives of the symposium are:

  1. To review and compare the current status of biodiversity of the three large rivers and their wetlands.
  2. To evaluate the impacts of anthropogenic stress on biodiversity in the GBM Basin with special focus on the Ganges dolphin, Otters, Gavialis, and turtles.
  3. To review the status of conservation and management of riverine ecosystems, food web dynamics and fisheries
  4. To evaluate the methodology for the sound assessment and monitoring of riverine biodiversity
  5. To discuss the need for participation of stakeholders, public education and awareness among common mass with a focus on children and youth
  6. To identify area of collaboration and cooperation in river research between India and Bangladesh

Contact: Prof. R.K. Sinha. Dept of Zoology, PatnaUniversity, Patna  [Email:]