Environmental Flows

Gopal, B. (Editor). 2013. Environmental Flows: An Introduction for Water Resources Managers.

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Preface       vii                                    Download
Contributors    ix

1. Introduction 1       Download
2. The River Ecosystems and their Natural Flow Regimes 11       Download
3. Ecosystems Services of Rivers and their Relation to Flows 67           Download
4. Impacts of Regulation of River Flows 81                           Download
5. Environmental Flows: Concept and History 113              Download
6. Methodologies for the Assessment of Environmental Flows 129         Download
7. Environmental Flows: The South Asian Experience 183                        Download
8. Epilogue 199                                      Download

Case Studies
1. Environmental Flows Assessment in India: The Ganga Experience 207 Download
2. Impacts of Flow Alteration on Benthic Biota and Fish Fauna 227           Download
Appendix I           247                                  Download